About Laguz

Laguz is a robust professional company providing excellent services in the fields of shipping, logistics and project logistics and supply management. It aspires to be one of the leading and innovative companies that provide custom designed logistics and shipping solutions to clients in the manufacturing, oil & gas, energy and mining as well as service sector, in various locations including remote areas.

HOW WE WORK We promote Laguz to build its reputation on efficient service delivery and explore opportunities whereby we can test the limits of satisfying clients' expectations. This company ethos is supported by Laguz's track record in listening to and investing in innovative client solutions. Laguz seeks on-going and meaningful relationships with its clients and major supplier partners, and it is through this approach that the company desires to achieve the level of understanding, openness and collaboration necessary to develop the right solutions to the most challenging issues that could be faced.

Mission and Goal Laguz

Our aim to be the long-term partner of choice for project freight forwarding and shipping in the manufacturing, oil & gas, energy and mining industries, by providing cutting edge solutions tailored to specific client needs and fostering mutual and unwavering success with our esteemed clients. It is Laguz's goal to continue expansion, with a focus on regions with higher economic growth rate throughout the world, within the coming 5-7 years.

Management Team of Laguz

Laguz is uniquely passionate about remaining an independent and privately-owned company. Since its foundation, the shareholders have always been directly and actively involved in the managing and directing the company. We believe this approach is the cornerstone of our business, that derives the commitment and sense of ownership which is shared by the management and employees in delivering the services

Laguz Logistics

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Phone: +251 115 522423 | +251 115 518951
P.O.Box: 26609 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
Bole Road, Flamingo, Tommy Tower, 4th Floor, Room № 402

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